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Updated: May 2, 2020

Save money and the planet.

I started this oily journey with my students in a yoga studio. But it was when I became a mum that I really took a deep dive into DIY, sustainability and low tox living.

Now before I start I need to be *REEEEAAAAALLLYYY* clear that I am no expert. I am not perfect and if it wasn’t easy, I would not be doing ANY of the stuff I am going to share with you in this post.

When you become pregnant you are FLOODED with information. There is a barrage of views and even more BS by way of targeted ads spieling all the crap you “need” to buy.

Proudly, 4 years in and I have a few super simple tips so that you can reduce your shopping bill, your carbon footprint and the number of chemicals that touch your precious babies perfect wee bod from before they even come earthside.

What do we do when we are looking to purchase?.... find a brand we know and trust right?

Well, big brands do not equal big hearts. Please trust you.

Not sure what I am on about or need convincing? check out this class action-outcome from Johnson and Johnson as one significant example.

Here are a number of products that you won’t need to buy and what you can make instead.

[You can find a list of unaffiliated suppliers for bottles and other SIMPLE and NATURAL ingredients at the end of this post]

As many of these recipes use Essential Oils, I must remind you that many Essential oil companies are also not what they say they are.

I stand behind the transparent testing provided by doTERRA.

In addition to products, I will also be talking cloth Nappies - if you'd like to jump straight to that blog CLICK HERE .


Belly oil.

No bio-oil thanks!

In a 300ml glass bottle mix

50/50 Jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil.

10 drops frankincense oil and 10 drops lavender essential oil.

Spray in your hand.

Rub lovingly to your belly morning and night.


Baby wipes.

Grab a roll of VIVA paper towel.

Cut it in half so you have two toilet roll sized versions

Place it in a suitable container that can be waterproof with a lid.

In a bowl or jug add:

One heaped tablespoon of Coconut Oil

One tablespoon of Castile Soap or natural soap concentrate

2 drops of Lavender Oil

2 Drops of Tea Tree Oil

1 ¼ cups of boiling water.

Wisk until all the coconut oil is melted.

Pour over the paper towel and allow the water to be soaked up.

Simply pull out the inner cardboard tube and discard.

Put the lid on and ready to use simply by pulling each new wipe from the middle of the tube. Using wipes this way will save you about $500 a year, It's natural and you never have to worry about ducking to the store because you ran out!

If you need a visual check out a video from this smart mum


Baby bum spray.

99% of the time your bub needs a simply light, nourishing barrier on their cute toosh.

Fill a 100mils spray bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

Add 5 drops tea tree oil and 5 drops of lavender oil.

Soothing and antibacterial. Simply give a spray each happy change.

I love this because it's not messy (you don’t get white cream all over your hands – especially if you have a wriggler!)

It also uses much less product so when you make it up it lasts a long time.

This will cost you about $15 to make which is about $2 cheaper than other natural products and you are using items that are already in your home.

It's so convenient not to have to leave the house when you run out!


Chest Rub

Using an old small jar or tin measure the volume by adding water and measuring it into a measuring jug.

Using coconut oil, gently melt using the double boil method.

Add 2 drops of essential oil for every 10mils of coconut oil. Use Lavender + Siberian Fir for newborns.

Or Easy Air + Manuka + Frankincense for older children.

Increase the Essential Oil ratio depending on the child's age using this dilution chart:


By making your own products as above you are not only saving money but you are ensuring your children are only being exposed to simple, natural and healthy products, made with love by YOU. Fewer chemicals and also less waste. Each time you run out you can simply refill your stylish amber glass vessel.

There are so many places you can purchase accessories for your DIY’s I have compiled a list below:

TEE Global preferred DIY Suppliers (1)
Download P • 1.14MB

If you have questions or other sustainable tips as you navigate parenting then I would love to hear from you!

Click here to download our FREE E-Guide for pregnancy, mums and bubs (and other guides for your oils)

Tania x

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