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How to use your Essential Oils


Tania Morgan Doterra Essential Oils

Using your Essential Oils aromatically is one of the easiest and most effective ways to experience all the valuable therapeutic benefits. 

Diffusing with an ultrasonic diffuser is not only safe but ensures that the oils are protected from heat and distributed into the atmosphere efficiently and effectively.

Diffusing your oils allows you to cleanse the air from bacteria and viruses as well as remove odours but more importantly, it allows us to quickly shift our state and mood.

Smell receptors are connected to the limbic system in the brain. This area processes mood and emotions. By using our oils it allows us to create a natural chemical circuit breaker to rewire the neural pathways of thought from a negative state to a more positive one.
How cool is that!!

Most people are unaware of the benefits of using your Essential Oils topically.

Using a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil allows the Essential Oil to penetrate the dermal (skin) layer of the body and enter the bloodstream. It is then carried to the most required place of healing (essential oils are really intelligent like that!).

In addition to allowing the essential oil to more effectively penetrate the skin, a carrier oil also protects you from any sensitivity which may result from using a 100% pure and concentrated product.

Using your Essential Oils in this way not only means they enter the bloodstream quickly but we also experience the added benefit of touch. 

As the humans that we are we are hard-wired for connection and touch. so often we forget that we have the ability to heal ourselves and instead hand that power over to another person.

I'm excited to see that research is now confirming what I have felt all along. Those of us that experience more touch in our lives are happier and have stronger and more resilient immune systems. We demonstrate and feel fewer symptoms when unwell and heal faster! 


Tania Morgan Doterra Essential Oils


Tania Morgan Doterra Essential Oils

It is exciting to experiment with the wonderful oils in our collection that are classified as "Food Grade" Oils.

Just like we can't eat all plants, we can't eat all oils however it is clearly labelled on each bottle if they are safe for ingestion.

As our Essential Oils are 50 - 70 times more powerful than herbs using oils as a natural food flavouring really takes them to a whole new level! A little goes a long way and there is no more wasting all that Basil and Coriander in the fridge!

Some people choose to use their therapeutic-grade oils internally for their health benefits. This is a personal decision and one that should be discussed in conjunction with your holistic health practitioner. 

Using oils such as Lemon in your water in place of Lemon juice will support in alkalising the body or drinking Peppermint tea can help calm digestive issues.

There are endless recipes and DIY hacks for using your growing Essential Oil collection to replace the toxic products and chemicals around the home.

Believe me when I say if it wasn't easy I wouldn't do it!

Quick, affordable, effective and CHEAP. You will be left wondering what all that rubbish is taking up space in the supermarket when you have everything you already need in a few simple (yummy smelling bottles) and some ingredients from the pantry.

We help you take all the guesswork out of this and provide you with a  handy list of all our tested and favourite recipes with your enrollment email. 

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Tania Morgan Doterra Essential Oils


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