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Let's get you started!

Let's get you started!

I recommend you make your first purchase as a starter kit. It means you receive a perfect collection created for beginners AND it includes a free wholesale membership.

  • As a wholesale customer, there is no regular purchasing requirement but you do get 25% off all your purchases.


See the most popular collections below. Each has been curated with expert knowledge to support the body and mind in all its complexities.

The Home Essentials Kit

The Home Essentials Kit ($300 AUD $325 NZ)


This is THE most popular way to start your Essential Oil journey!

These 10 oils offer hundreds of ways to support wellbeing in your home. 


They will support your physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental needs allowing you to detox the chemicals from your home.

This kit includes 10 X 15ml bottles (250 drops per bottle at 4 - 6 drops per use.... A little goes a long way! ) 

This kit is for you if you want to have all the versatility of the oils but also want the best value for money.

In purchasing this kit you are able to add on a diffuser. The Lumo diffuser is best for large open-plan spaces and the Petal diffuser is most suited to bedrooms.

This kit is 210 PV


The Essential Collection Enrolment Kit ($184 AUD $200 NZ)

This kit contains the same oils as the Home Essentials kit above, however...

The size bottle is 5mls (80 drops)

This kit is for you if you would like the versatility of the Home Essentials Kit but it is just outside of your initial budget OR you would like to have more of a sampler size where you can replace your most used oils later with the 15mil size.

You will want to consider adding a diffuser if you don't have one already.

The Lumo diffuser is best for large open-plan spaces and the Petal diffuser is most suited to bedrooms.

The Emotional Wellness Starter Kit ($226) 

This kit contains 5 X 15ml bottles of incredible blends specially designed to support you from an emotional perspective as well as our Petal Diffuser


This awesome starter kit will help ground you, reconnect your head and heart, spark your creativity, calm you down and support restful sleep AND most importantly remember the JOY in life rather than the struggle. 

This kit is for you if your main desires are around emotional well-being and reconnecting with yourself.

It gives you the reliance to pick yourself up and carry on through life's ups and downs. It is a source of stability through times of uncertainty too.


The Natures Solutions Kit ($650 AUD)

This kit is THE smartest and most economical way to get started with Essential Oil living.

This kit is for the person who KNOWS they need a chemical-free home and they want an EASY switch over today.

With so many items there is something here to support endless opportunities for wellbeing.

​On top of that, you immediately get to introduce excellent natural products such as protective hand soap, first aid items and athletic rub - as the pic shows on the right!

It will support you with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental needs and allow you to detox the chemicals from your home.

Day-to-day health and wellness concerns are all addressed with this kit and your bathroom cupboard will never look the same again.


The Aroma Touch Kit - ($265 AUD)

The Aroma Touch Kit is the exact collection of oils I purchased when I started on this journey.

This kit helps you relax and supports your tired and hard-working body and mind.

Balance - this is a grounding blend. It’s seriously like a hug in a bottle. It’s the first oil I fell in love with and use it every day. Great for big emotions for the kids too.

Aroma Touch is a relaxing blend that is so soothing on muscles. Perfect in the bath with some Epsom salts and I also love diffusing it.

Lavender is the fairy godmother of oils. You can also use it in the bath but I love to add a drop or 2 to my moisturizer it’s a lovely way to start and finish each day.

For more serious aches and pains, we have ice blue. Think of this as the super effective, natural oil alternative to tiger balm etc.

My fav energy blend for the morning is peppermint and wild orange. 2-3 drops of each in the diffuser during breakfast and it really wakes you up!

Tea tree + On guard are going to support your body for prime immunity on a physical level and can also be called upon for DIY cleaning support.

Finally, this kit has coconut oil and includes your wholesale membership for ongoing discounts

While this collection is versatile and suitable for all if you are a therapist or healer the free online certification is a really incredible gift!!
Giving you 5 CPD points and tax-deductible it's a no-brainer!

The Simple Solutions Starter Pack ($134 AUD) 

Featuring a combination of four bestselling essential oils, blends and personal care products, it’s the perfect way to start your essential oil journey with all the basics covered.

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