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What is Ice Blue?
Ice Blue helps relieve aches, pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles.

It's the natural, chemical free alternative to the nasty deep heats and tiger balms of the world and it really works!

OPTION 1: Retail

  • $43 Ice Blue Stick or

  • $51 Ice Blue Rub


+ postage

Choose your region, then search "Ice Blue"

OPTION 2: Wholesale

  • $35 one time membership fee + 

  • $32 Ice Blue Stick or

  • $38 Ice Blue Rub (120ml)


+ postage


Benefits of a wholesale account:

  • Save 25% on all products, forever!

  • No obligation for regular purchases. Just what you need when you need it with discounts automatically applied at checkout.


Select your region > local order. 

Wholesale Customer > Continue. 

"Choose my own products"

Go to "Add additional items" > Type in "Ice Blue".


Choose your products then finish signing up​​.

Ice Blue is perfect for you if you suffer from: Tired joints + muscles, backache, arthritis, sprains and bruises.

Apply your ice blue pre or post game, match or gym session so you can keep doing the things you love.

Ice Blue + Copaiba Stick  
This is my favourite version of the two due to its hands off - no mess application

Check out full ingredients here 


Ice Blue Rub 
With this you can get a little more massage happening when applying it to the affected area.

Check out full ingredients here 

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