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As a tribute to my love of yoga and how it has shaped my life I would love to gift my community the following resources.  These are for your personal use and should not be duplicated or passed on. Feel free to send your friends here for their own direct download.



Online Yin Yoga Class

As a gift to my community, we have a wonderfully nourishing Yin Yoga Practice led by Jane Holland.

Yin Yoga is suitable for ALL levels and is slow and gentle. The perfect style for a cool winter season.

Want to experience more of Jane's Classes you can visit her website 


Free Essential oils for Yoga + Meditation
E book

Packed with loads of tips and rituals this e-book is designed to assist you in partnering your essential oils with your yoga and or meditation practice.


Yoga Nidra - Deep Rest

Yoga Nidra is a form of deep rest. Lay back, snuggle in and simply listen as you experience transformational rest.

20 mins of Yoga Nidra = 4 hours sleep!

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