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New Member Promotion


All new customers who place a 100PV order in October and then place a 100PV order in November will receive our incredible Life Long Vitality Supplement range for free!

Its valued at $115 and is approved by the TGA with a huge long line of benefits.


Personally my husband and I have been taking this for years and would not do without it!

I LOVE this promotion as it gives you the chance to space out your orders and budget accordingly.

My personal suggestion would be to start with the new Emotional Wellness Starter Kit in October and then in November add the Family Essentials Kit to your collection. 

Find all the details about them here

This will literally enable you to overhaul the health and wellness in all parts of your home



Also worth noting is that all new customers will receive 30% off their order back in credit to use on other items!


Fast track to 30% back on your orders

Step 1 :
Join the Loyalty Program 

Step 2:

October - Place a 100 pv order =  You will receive 30% back on your order 

I encourage my customers to "Switch the Spend"

Simply take big brand (un natural) products out of your weekly supermarket shop and instead put safe low tox versions in your DoTERRA order. 

Enjoy the convenience and being able to quickly cash in on your points to benefit from a bunch of free items you choose.

Have any questions email me here

Loyalty Freebies!


Every month DoTERRA rewards its regular and loyal customers with the opportunity to receive an oil for free! This is known as the Product of the Month.


In order to receive this you need to:

  • Be a member of the Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Place a minimum order of 125PV

  • Have this order ship before the 15th of the month.

The free oil for October is.... drum roll please..... 


Tangerine - This so delicious for summer - perfect in soda water and generally brings all the summer feel good vibes!

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