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All new customers who place a 100PV order in Feb will receive our incredible Adaptiv touch roller as a welcome gift!!

It's valued at $30 and has been dubbed as the saviour of 2020!


It is so super calming and brings you right back down to a space of ... "Everything is going to be ok" in a matter of minutes.

Formulated to assist with anxious states it brings reassurance and allows you to find more constructive ways to move through challenge. 

If you partner with the oil on a deeper level you will find that it moves you to a gentle truth and allows you to look deeply in the messages behind your current situation.

I first connected with this oil when I was highly anxious about sleep training my daughter and it has been a beautiful companion for me ever since!



10% off 

In Feb we don't just have one but TWO oils at 10% off

Smart and Sassy is our metabolic blend.

Most famous for helping curb sugar cravings by adding a drop to your water it should also not be underestimated in your diffuser or using in your full body aromatic dressing to help support you in your detoxification and working on reduction in cellulite!

AUD Wholesale $30.50 | PV 27.50 
Discounted AUD Wholesale $27.45 | PV 24.75

Check out the image below for full details

HD Clear is particularly amazing for supporting those with skin challenges.

Breakouts be gone!! FINALLY something that is natural (safe for hormonal teenage skin) and that actually works!

AUD Wholesale $31.00 | PV 23.50
Discounted AUD Wholesale $27.90 | PV 21.15


Loyalty Freebies!


Every month DoTERRA rewards its regular and loyal customers with the opportunity to receive an oil for free! This is known as the Product of the Month.


In order to receive this you need to:

  • Be a member of the Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Place a minimum order of 125PV

  • Have this order ship before the 15th of the month.

The free oil for Feb is.... drum roll please..... 


Balance Touch - First and fore most I need you to know that Balance was THE very first oil that I fell for!!! It is what grounded me and allowed me to feel more present than ever before.

Because of that I knew that I could not keep this to myself... It is also why I felt called to share the benefits of these precious oils.

Usually coming solely in a 15mil bottle DoTERRA do not usually "Sell" Balance in a Touch roller format however, they know that we have been making our own DIY versions for ever and have come to the party and are GIFTING it to those of us with a qualifying Loyalty order this month.

Personally I am thrilled because the OCD person in me loves having all my touch oils labelled in the same way! :P

Dont miss this opportunity!

Level up your Membership Benefits


Ok, let me collect my thoughts on this for a second.

The alluring and divinely previous Melissa is COVETED in the essential oil world because of its power and beauty.

It usually costs $233 WHOLESALE this is definitely an investment oil.

The price reflects its potency however this does mean that it is often an oil which is a pipe dream for many oil enthusiasts. 

What if I told you that by simply helping 4 of your friends of family open their own doTERRA account with a 100pv order in February you will be sent this beauty as a gift from DoTERRA!!!!

I (and my wider team) are here to help you with this! 

We have all the easy steps over in our Loyal Oil Lovers facebook group

You can have one of us come and teach an introductory workshop in person or online

OR If you have already been talking about the oils and your friends are ready to go we can support them in their education and send them their very own team welcome gift (as well as the free Adaptiv they will be sent form DoTERRA).

It is a super generous offer and I would love to help you bring Melissa into your life.

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