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There is nothing that breaks a parent's heart faster than a sick or upset child.

While big emotions are all part of growing and getting sick is inevitable, DoTERRA has made it easy for families to confidently reach for oils as a first point of call to prevent or to respond to your child's physical or emotional needs.

We have a specially formulated kids range which is available in both pre-diluted rollers as well as blends ready for the diffuser.

In our family, this collection shines a spotlight on how we can instil values of health, body awareness, emotional awareness and self-care from an early age.

Giving kids knowledge, power and the ability to tap into their own needs (using their very own tools - just like mum and dad) is both empowering and sets them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Safe. Effective. Proactive. Symptom relief.  isn’t this what we all want for our children?

Our kid's range is available as individual items or in a bundle for extra savings.





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What's in the collection

We have 7 blends that are perfect for the everyday use of children *and also incredibly supportive for adults*

Stronger - Immune support, symptom relief - Pop it in the daycare backpack and apply it to the back of the neck, base of the spine or soles of the feet.


Brave - Nerves, anxiety and calm. Put on your child's superhero cape and let them be secure and confident in new situations.


Thinker - This is the focus blend. Perfect for those who struggle with learning and staying still. Again the ability to self-apply safely during the school day is a game changer for students and teachers alike.

Steady - Grounding Blend. This is perfect for unwinding down, calming and bringing children back into their bodies. Too much sugar? been running around the house getting all cray cray? This is your go-to. Swipe the back of the neck and get them to take a few deep breaths before transitioning to a quiet activity.

Rescuer - If you have active children, bumps, sprains, strains, growing pains etc this is the perfect soother for little muscles. Apply pre or post-activity or before bed for support with inflammation and recovery and rest.

Calmer - Restful blend. This is our sleep companion or melt-down remedy in a bottle. Calming, Grounding and ultra supporting for managing those big emotions.

Tamer - Digestive Blend - Perfect for sensitive tummies. Provides fast-acting relief from gas and all sorts of tummy issues.

This collection comes in its own special carry case. 

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$170 AUD

$180 NZ

Prefer to Diffuse?


Kids Koala Diffuser

While you can use any diffuser for a child's bedroom we love the extra features that come with this cute Koala!

$60AUD || $66 NZ


  • water capacity 90mL - suggested room size 25m2

  • Includes wall plug and micro USB cable

  • dimensions: 125.5x162x182mm

  • volume control and pause playback

  • 4 Peaceful music options: piano lullaby, real natural bush, meditation, and birds at sunrise

  • continuous mist: up to 4 hours or intermittent mist: up to 8 hours

  • two ambient light options (dim and bright warm or none)

  • set timer for up to 2hr/4hr/8hr + automatic safety shut-off

  • 12 months warranty

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