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About DoTERRA and why all the fuss!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

  • 100 % Pure Essential Oils

  • Unique chemical make up

  • Safe

  • Consistent results

  • A small company soul with a big company impact.

Nature doesn't get it wrong. It just doesn't. Essential oils in their pure form ARE natural compounds from plants. We can use these gifts from nature to support things like our skin, sleep, reduce the feelings of stress, digestion and replace many of the chemical-laden products in and around our home. BUT... Unfortunately, like many holistic therapies, an unregulated industry results in many imposters.  False advertising, cutting costs and dodgy brokers means that not all essential oils perform the same way.

Purchasing your Essential Oils here will mean that you have a lifetime of access to education and inspiration about how to best (and safely) use your oils and the trust and confidence that they are what they say they are.

Organic - Tick (in fact they are beyond organic) Let me explain - Every country has varying (and in some cases lax standards) in what organic means. DoTERRA have provided us with the most incredible transparency in what is in each batch (and therefore each bottle of oil) they produce. Batch numbers can be searched online and the natural chemical constituents from independent testing are available for all to view here.

Pure and quality - Not only are our oils organic but they contain no other ingredients. Just because an oil on the shelf of a supermarket, pharmacy or health food store is labelled 100% pure does NOT mean that it doesn't contain other non-pure ingredients :(

Ethically sourced - If you are like me you classify yourself as a conscious consumer. You like to know that your energetic exchange of cash goes on to positively contribute to a community or at the very least a small business owner. DoTERRA partner with local growers in over 40 countries (20 of those developing nations) To bring us oils were they grow best. In doing this not only is the quality at its highest but each crop is harvested by a small business owner who is provided with fair prices, on time and investment back into the community to ensure sustainability. The partnerships with DoTERRA have resulted in the creation of co-op's, schools, crop monitoring systems and so much more!

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