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Welcoming your Kids Oils Collection

Your future self and the kids will thank you! Let's get your kids collection into your home.

Follow the easy steps below to place your order.



  • Roller Collection OR 5Mil Diffuser Collection
    $170 AUD Rollers / $200 AUD 5mil Bottles 


  • Or mix and match with your own choice of individual items

  • Stronger - Immune support, symptom relief - Pop it in the daycare backpack and apply to the back of the neck, base of the spine or soles of the feet.

  • Brave - Nerves, anxiety and calm. Put on your child's superhero cape and let them be secure and confident in new situations.

  • Thinker - This is the focus blend. Perfect for those who struggle with learning and staying still. Again the ability to self-apply safely during the school day is a game changer for students and teachers alike.

  • Steady - Grounding Blend. This is perfect for unwinding down, calming and bringing children back into their bodies. Too much sugar? been running around the house getting all cray cray? This is your go-to. Swipe the back of the neck and get them to take a few deep breaths before transitioning to a quiet activity.

  • Rescuer - If you have active children, bumps, sprains, strains, growing pains etc this is the perfect soother for little muscles. Apply pre or post-activity or before bed for support with inflammation and recovery and rest.

  • Calmer - Restful blend. This is our sleep companion or melt-down remedy in a bottle. Calming, Grounding and ultra supporting for managing those big big emotions.

  • Tamer - Digestive Blend - Perfect for sensitive tummies. Provides fast-acting relief from gas and all sorts of tummy issues.

    This collection comes in its own special carry case. 


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  • Select your region > local order. 

  • Wholesale Customer > Continue. 

  • "Choose my own products"

  • Go to "Add additional items" 

  • Choose your products ie "Steady" then finish signing up​​.

  • Don't forget a cute diffuser!

    Benefits of a wholesale account:

  • This is a one off $35 membership fee.

  • Save 25% on all products, forever!

  • No obligation for regular purchases. Just what you need when you need it with discounts automatically applied at checkout.

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You have got the kids oils sorted but have you considered the commercial products we use on them daily?

Choose to switch your commercial products + receive rewards.

The final screen will ask you if you want to set up your Loyal Rewards Program (LRP)

This is optional and can be cancelled at any time.

Check out some of the simple swaps ----> 


Take the pressure off and make it easy by letting US ship these straight to your door.

You are in control and edit your needs each month (no min spend)


Swapping your shop and start earning insane points for free oils.  





I will be in touch with a welcome email which will include:

  • Blend and safety Images  you can save to your phone.

  • Exclusive access to our 2 free app's

  • Your personal website link and ID for future purchases.

  • and an invitation to our private facebook group

It will all help you start your journey with ease.

Speak Soon

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