Kind Words


Thank you for recently facilitating a development session for my sales teams. The content was perfect for the team’s development requirements. Ultimately the session has empowered the Sales team, giving them a more positive mindset and appreciation of challenges as opportunities.


During the session the team and I found you to be extremely engaging and it became clear quickly that the pre-work and research you had done, made for a very authentic delivery.


Since the session was held, I have noticed a distinct shift in the team’s culture and individual performance. Your holistic approach complimented our company values and has made a tangible difference in providing better customer engagement and improved sales results.


Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge.


- Mark Hutchings, Sales Manager – Verve Portraits


Talking to Tania helped me clarify that I was indeed ready to leave my job and look elsewhere. It gave me the courage to talk to people in my life about decisions I wanted to make which has helped me to get the feedback I need to make the next steps. It helped me to clarify the vision I want for my life.


As a result of the changes I have made I’m spending more time reflecting and giving myself a break. I’m taking things slower and thinking more about what I want from life rather than rushing into things.


- Emma 



I came to Tania feeling unfulfilled professionally and wanting both guidance and advice on the next step toward my dream career.

Not only was Tania supportive and encouraging, but she gave me valuable tools that I needed to take that leap forward and achieve the results that I wanted (and more!).


Tania helped guide me with everything from interview and negotiation skills, to creation of the perfect resume. Most significantly I was able to realise the qualities and attributes that were most important to me in my future goals, responsibilities and career progression.


With the help of all of these tools, not only did I immediately land that dream job I talked about, but I begin the next chapter of my life feeling confident, excited and capable of achieving absolutely anything I put my mind to!


- Kelly




I hired Tania as my coach because I felt as though it was time for me to make some personal changes in my life. I can sometimes be a bit of a lazy person and need someone to motivate me to instill positive change and personal growth. Emotionally I now have a greater confidence in my own ability to make decisions and feel confident in the decisions I am making.


Working with Tania has left me feeling postive and motivated!


- Paula



My experience with Tania was wonderful and transformative. I found she approaches you with a healthy dose of realism and practicality, but also with an equally balanced spiritual or emotional awareness of what you are going through in terms of your aims or goals and any blockages that may be in the way.


Tania is very gentle in her work and through you talking, she has the ability to extract the key issues that often underlay what you want to change, she is a great mirror reflecting back in a new and refreshing way.


You get out what you put in with Tania. She is professional, responsible, and confidential, you really feel comfortable with her in that regard because of her gentle reminders. It helps you get to the core of what you would like to work on.


I have found that Tania’s expertise as a life coach has helped me enormously, not only with what I bought to her, but extending to my relationships and through other boundaries in a gentle and nurturing way.


I could not recommend Tania highly enough if you are wanting to take the step to change your life.


- Richard McLean


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