Workshops and Events

There is nothing quite like a mini-retreat to immerse yourself in the world of the senses and learning. 

My personal events are all listed (including booking a spot for you and a friend) are over on my Facebook page under the events tab


Can't find anything at a time that suits you?


Why not simply book your own workshop? 


  • Gather 3 - 6 friends

  • You provide the lounge room and I provide everything else!

Together let's create a fun, unique and uplifting workshop to empower you to take better control of your health and wellbeing.

I'll bring the bliss balls, the oils and maybe even a tarot deck or two ;)

In the workshop I will cover how to:

*Reduce or eliminate the chemicals from your home. ie: Cleaners. 

*Switch to Natural based, botanical first aid that is effective and safe for everybody!.

*Ensure you feel grounded, energised and healthy so that you can put your best foot forward - daily

We will also show you how Essential Oils can help support your emotions, moods, immunity, and sleep as well as breathe life back into your ritual and self-care.

Let's choose to support ourselves for with healthy habits, positive mindset and where possible natural effective solutions using essential oils.

Don't believe that all that is possible from "essential oils"? This is only just the beginning!

There is no cost - It is my gift to you however you will have the opportunity to open your own wholesale account and order your own essential oil starter kit on the day.

Contact me here so we can compare diaries and slot something in ASAP

* You must not be an existing DoTERRA customer within another team or be in contact / currently receiving education from another wellness advocate.

Cant find anything to suit?

Lets connect via the inter webs and ill bring you all I know via a private wellness consultation through Skype.

30 min complimentary bookings available here

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