About Me

I believe the more simple life is, the more fun we have.

When we bring things back to connection, gratitude and nature our hearts feel fuller, our minds less busy and we can finally exhale and feel in flow. 

Since becoming a mum I have finally found the blend between work, home and play. Yes I said B~L~E~N~D why? Because when we strive for balance there are too many tipping points. We can fall out and loose our momentum in a heartbeat. 


Balance feels like it hurts the core.


but B~L~E~N~D on the other hand .....by doing only what we love life is a joy and not a task (not possible you think. Let me show you).

While I once wore many hats I now embody all of my passions through my thriving Essential Oil business.  

  • Want to be coached by me to bust self limiting beliefs? Join my incredible team of wellness advocates.

  • Want mindfulness tips and to connect with likeminded souls? Come join me at a local workshop.

  • Want to feel empowered to do things differently in your life? Become part of our community of people making better life decisions.

  • Need to eliminate stress, fatigue and up your self care?  Book me for a FREE 1:1 Wellness Consultation.

Professional Bio:


  • Bachelor of Social Sciences Majoring in Psychology and Human Resources

  • Qualified Mediator

  • Accredited Yoga Teacher (Purna Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga)

  • Certified EDISC Consultant

  • Completing 'Master Coach Practitioner' (accredited by the international Coaching Guild) – The Coaching Institute

I'm a mum, working around her family, leading a tribe, passionate about health, and empowering women and men just like you to live a life of freedom (in all its shapes and forms) and I look forward to chatting with you soon.


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