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I'm a mum, working around her family, leading an online wellness hub. I'm passionate about health and empowering men and women (just like you!)  to live a life of freedom (in all its shapes and forms).

While I once wore many hats I now embody all of my passions through my thriving Essential Oil business.


Making the conscious decision to welcome Essential Oils into your life is an investment in your physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Purchasing your oils here will mean that you have a lifetime of access to education and inspiration about how to best (and safely) use your oils to benefit your life .


I'm passionate about sharing healthy lifestyle tips, DIYs, parenthood hacks and wellness advice.

Drop me a line and I'd love to chat. 

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Last October my customers banded together and collectively purchased 100 bottles of our HOPE oil. That was enough to save one child from human trafficking due to the hard work of Our Rescue https://ourrescue.org/

Child Trafficking is an ugly, disturbing and sickening reality. One that is currently growing in the dark web.

DōTERRA has been involved With Operation Underground Railroad for years but has upped their pledge of support.
For every $26 bottle purchased by you, @doterraaunz will donate the full purchase price.

Hope is a delicious blend and perfect for all of us who also can personally use some more hope during these uncertain times. Think ahead. Who needs a gift? Teachers, family, stock up for a rainy day and help those who can’t help themselves in the process.

dōTERRA Hope Touch - 10ml Roll On

dōTERRA Hope Touch - 10ml Roll On


“I would without a doubt recommend Tania for your essential oil needs and desires.

Her passion and wealth of knowledge for oils, and all things wellness is second to none. She is generous with her time and I feel she genuinely wants to help you, and takes time to ask about your wellness goals, your “why” and offers suggestions, solutions and resources to help you on your way.!” 

—  Erin

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